12 Volt DC Water Pump Price in Pakistan


  • High Quality
  • With Extra Power full
  • Shock Proof
  • Water Resistance

Are you searching for 12 volt dc water pump price in Pakistan? Look no more, we present to you:

DC 12 Volt 8 Watt Water cooler submersible DC Solar Pump Water Pump for Room Air Cooler

  • 12V DC Small Water Pump Solenoid Valve Water Cooling Cooler
  • Working Voltage: 12V 8W
  • No load Rated current: less than 0.15A
  • Load Current Rating: .1A
  • Head: 12V Specification 5/m lift
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 10L/min
  • Best dc motor pump price in Pakistan

Although designed for Water Coolers or Oil exhange, actually, a dc motor for water pump in Pakistan helps lift water from any reservoir and together with a solar panel it could be the best combination that competes against solar submersible water pump price in Pakistan (or missile water pump price in Pakistan). No need to look out for comparisons upon solar water pump price list in Pakistan when this system is available.