Zorays Biogas 5 Cubic Metre Plant

A Zorays Biogas Plant that uses materials and resources that the villagers already have, to produce methane for cooking and fertilizer for use as a soil nutrient. A 5 cubic meter Biogas plant is enough to produce methane gas to fuel and cook for a family of five. It helps in reducing the green house gas emission and is a clean energy source. It helps users to become self-sufficient and to decentralize the energy production. Have cattle?
Key Features of Zorays Biogas Power Plant:
  • Long lasting Fiber Glass Dome,
  • Liquid by-product as fertilizer,
  • Solid waste is compactor into palates,
  • Feed for Fish ponds producing fat less tadpole.

Zorays Biogas Technology offer efficient way of Biomass Utilization. Rotten crops, kitchen, restaurant and school food waste is combined with cattle manure to perform anaerobic fermentation of these organic materials.  The resulting methane powers a generator that supplies electricity into the National Grid.

Bio-gas Gauge 0-1000 no. En-837-1 mmwg Kl-16 (made in Germany) .

No. of cattle required: 8

Dung Required / kg / day: 80

Gas Available (No. of persons): 10

Digester Diameter: 5 feet Height: 12 feet

Drum Diameter: 4 feet 6 inches Height: 4 feet