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Zorays SMC PVT LTD is the leading provider of clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers in Pakistan that specializes in Premier Rooftop Power Systems.

Sell excess production - Selling power back to the grid

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What environment-friendly activities have you taken up for a cleaner and greener Pakistan?

Despite the usual Corona pandemic hit to almost every business, fortunately, in these testing Corona epidemic times, we control your solar system price in Pakistan with a continuous supply chain which remained intact since day one of COVID-19.

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Smart Home Solar Energy System in Pakistan

Solar System on Installments in Pakistan

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Services Intensive Solar Company in Pakistan among few Net Metering Companies in Pakistan 

Solar Panels in Pakistan For Businesses

Optimum 100kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

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How Much Do Solar Panels Save?

We help you achieve visible reduction in your electricity bills – more savings with affordable and economical solar home solutions with 10 years replacement warranty and 25 years life warranty of solar panels including optimum lithium ion battery price in Pakistan and a battery back up for up to 2-3 hours on maximum load.

How many solar panels to power a house?

We are a solar panel installation company that believes to improve lifestyle, increase the value of your home, protect yourself from future energy rate increases, help the environment – all at the same time.

Best solar batteries in Pakistan! Which battery is best for solar system in Pakistan?

Best affordable price - Lowest per unit costs

Our 10kw solar system price in Pakistan is optimized around solar panel cost, design, best inverters in Pakistan, and construction with guaranteed yield rendering best residential solar systems with average residential solar power installation time less than 5 days.

Are solar panels worth the investment?

Through our nationwide sales of solar inverter and batteries products support network for residential solar panel systems (especially 10kw solar system in hybrid or on grid technology and optimizing 10kva solar power system price in Pakistan), we have become a well-known brand promoting renewable energy sources in Pakistan for ultimate home improvements bench-marking Tesla's Powerwall, and Lithium-ion batteries.

Solar energy tubewell cost in Pakistan! Solar panel tubewell price in Pakistan?
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