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The following Renewable Energy Downloads are shared to provide clear, independent and business-focused guidance on market opportunity and risk to those investing in, deploying in or regulating renewable power projects. Zorays Solar create high quality, content rich, commercial networking events for the global clean energy markets. As part of this, we’ve put together a series of free to download industry reports on energy – you can download a selection of them below!

Solar Energy Needs Table
A Comparison Study: Gasoline Generator vs. Solar Energy System

Gasoline Generator Vs. Solar Energy System FACTS

• 60 % schools without adequate drinkable water supply

• 70 % water with conventional irrigation system reportedly evaporates

• 99 % tube wells run on non renewable energy sources

Renewable Vs. Non Renewable

Solar energy is Renewable i.e. Solar panels use free sun energy to produce electricity. It is based on Zero Emissions concept. At the same time, a generator is a Non Renewable resource of electricity; it warrants continuous availability of gasoline and produces GHG Emissions. (Govt. policies can further hamper the provisions)

Noise Pollution

• A generator creates High dB Noise Pollution.

• Whereas; A solar energy system is totally Noise Free*


Generation Side Power Factor

• With a Gasoline Generator, the Power factor on generation side is changed with load profile and speed of fuel injection.

• Whereas; Solar Energy Systems have High Power factor based inverters. Moreso, the p.f. stays the same on the generation side


• Reliable to amount of fuel input, generator is usually specified for 80 per cent performance for best fuel economy. For any load above/below this capacity factor, generator yield is disturbed.

• Predictable since consistent yield output according to performance curves.

Power Distortions

• A generator receives Distortions and harmonics in Electrical signals due to movable/vibrating parts. Therefore, not suitable for electricity export.

• A solar energy system is capable of Synchronization with grid for future export of excess power as there are no harmonics due to addition of Suppressing Filters.

Design Modularity

• A genset is a Non Modular equipment; it needs replacement with same or bigger sized equipment at the end of the day.

• Where as a solar energy system is innovative and Modular; as it could be expanded in future or molded according to budget to take maximum benefits within requested limits. 20

Pay Back

• You can never achieve pay back of a generator.

• A properly designed solar energy system achieves its Pay back in five or less years and there is free energy afterwards.


• Recurring maintenance cost occurring in 45 days due to tepid and vulnerable butterflies of generator.

• Maintenance requirement occurring only after 6 months just to check specific gravity of battery through indicators for a solar power system.


• Regular need for oil filter and Mobil oil replacement in case of generators.

• On the other hand, Solar Batteries replacement after a minimum of 7 years


• A genset, redundant practice, has Low Resale where as a solar energy system has Highest Resale.

• A gas generator is disliked for places like schools and other public buildings. A solar power system has iconic value due to Corporate Social Responsibility factor enabling user to help improve the environment.

IESCO Net Metering Islamabad

S.R.O 812 ( 1 )/2015.— In exercise of the powers conferred by section 47 read with section 7 (I) of the Regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power Act, 1997 (XL of 1997), the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, is pleased to make the following Regulations to establish a framework for the regulation of Distributed Generation by using alternative and renewable energy and net metering.

Direct Control of Three-Phase Smart Load for Neutral Current Mitigation

Electric Spring (ES), a power electronic based device, has been recently developed to improve various attributes of future power systems with high penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources. ES is connected in series with noncritical load to form an adaptive load, known as smart load. This configuration has been successfully used to mitigate voltage and frequency fluctuations, ensure demand side management, and improve power quality. It has also been used to reduce three-phase power imbalance and so the adverse effect of neutral current is eliminated. In this work a novel control scheme, based on run time impedance measurement, is proposed to mitigate neutral current from unbalanced three-phase system. Mathematical analysis is also given and corresponding simulations are carried out to substantiate the theoretical framework. Simulation results show the efficacy of presented technique under various unbalanced loading conditions.

Stochastic versus Robust Optimization of Wind Hydro Power Plant’s Operational Strategy

Power plays an important role in today’s modern society, and with increasing power demands, depleting fossil fuels and the growth of environmental pollution worldwide, has helped in the development of Alternative Energy Sources as a way of supplementing our ever increasing energy needs.

The power company Zorays Solar Pakistan covers all types of renewable and alternative energies available, with helpful tips, information, resources and articles, from Solar, to Wind to Hydro Energy helping you to gain a better understanding on how to equip your home with an alternative energy resource.

Solar Net Metering Pakistan Design Training

We are committed to continuous improvement of our capabilities and method of our processes in order to do more for you faster, better, and at lower costs. In this regard, this document explains the 6 basic step for the application process of your On-grid (grid tied) net metering solar solution.

Power Needs and Saving Calculator (64 Bit Windows Only)
Pakistan Automotive Battery Market Size 2017


Inverter Market of Pakistan

14 Pakistani Inverter Brands including Enviro Homage Inverex Apollo Cyber Power NS/Grand Eco Star Aurora Twister Sigma Panatron Deutshe Power NRE Prolink


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