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10 Reasons for the Deployment of Photovoltaic Solar Energy in 2020

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photovoltaic solar energy in 2020

Climate change and how governments, companies and funds respond will shape investment decisions in 2020 as never before. This year, the amount of new wind and solar power generation capacity will cross the 200-gigawatt threshold, boosting the total to about 1,450 gigawatts, BloombergNEF says.

That’s just shy of 20% of global installed capacity. Here are ten reasons you should help achieve this goal:

1- The solar photovoltaic system uses renewable sun energy for electricity generation;

2- Its source of electricity generation is solar energy, which is infinite and inexhaustible.

3- It is an excellent option for the national territory since Pakistan has high solar irridiance;

4- High system life, usually over 25 years;

5- It is an economically viable solution while cost of solar panels has been decreasing progressively and solar financing options are made readily available for as low as 6% mark up so that the lease installment is still less than what you would pay for the WAPDA bill;

6- Its components have been modernized, becoming more powerful and robust for use;

7- They present high durability and security for those who want to invest;

8- You have guarantors like manufacturers, installer, banks, insurance companies and regulatory authorities;

9- It is not a noisy or cumbersome system;

10- Requires little maintenance over the years;

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