Application of Automation in Industries and Homes with Remote Access

Display your energy consumption on your mobile screen with our state-of-the-art EasyOn Internet of Things Technology. Our customer can see the energy generated by PV panels at any time on their mobile and hence become able to analyze the energy consumption from their phone quickly. The "BUG" is a small piece of hardware that seamlessly installs in your switchboard. Not only it is invisible but works on Voice Recognition making it an effortless luxury. The system is governed by Foolproof Security and grants Accessibility to multiple devices (individuals and platforms) making the use Physical Buttons redundant. Not only have we introduced it in an affordable pricing structure but it entails an Eighteen (18) Month Free Service also. We guarantee that your prerequisites are proficiently met amid venture execution as we compare electricity rates before and after installation of solar panels for home and business with this monitoring and control experience.
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