AEDB Approved Vendor for Net Metering in Pakistan

Net Metering (NM) allows you to seamlessly push electricity from your solar energy system into the main power grid. As a result, you get the benefits of near-zero bills and low carbon footprint. To get a NM connection, technical approval and an updated (bi-directional) meter is needed from your local electricity office. For this purspose, we are supplying 10kW and above wind turbines with Saaim, China. Also, we are authorized as an Executive Distributor and Service Partner for the middle-east region by GoodWe Solar Inverters, which has its manufacturing in Turkey for its NS, D-NS, DT, S-DT, MT, ES Series. Together we are not only to provide befitting Inverter products, but excel with an ambition to develop and improve their product according to Pakistani Grid and environmental factors especially after the recently improved conditions that allow vendors to apply for net metering on behalf of the customer. Don’t worry, we take care of this from start to finish! Join us in expanding silicon Photovoltaic systems for the benefit of our irreplaceable future.
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