Building Pakistan with Our Green Brigade Enthusiasts

We have made significant contribution in improving Renewable Energy Mix towards total production of electricity in Pakistan for the years 2017 & 2018. Here are the first few steps we have taken to make our country more energy efficient by introducing FOC Solar Energy Power and other Green Energy Solutions.Arfa Project V1.o: One Interview Guaranteed: We have knitted a professional community of nearly 45,000 IT enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to help us achieve our Corporate Social Responsibility goals.Lifetime Services Wavier for Team Carnelian.National Center for Rural Development free Solar System donated.Donated Water Pump for The University of the Punjab.Taaleem Foundation Grammar Schools Service Charges 100 per cent wavier.Gifted One DC Kit to Bilsum Social Welfare Organization to run 12 volt home appliances in Pakistan HQ in Khuzdar
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Electrify your community with clean solar rural electricity and reduce diesel generator costs. Solar solution for village or Island. Improve bottom line by 20-40% by using proven Zorays Solar telecom towers solution. Also, everytime we do a solar project in outskirts, we look into Rural Job Creation by Financial Inclusion of the Poor People of Pakistan.

Solar Rural Electrification Case Study:

This time comes around once again, when a debate regarding Baluchistan lingers on. Living at the edge of the grid, a distants communities of Buluchistan in South-Western Pakistan experienced severe power quality and uptime issues. Tribal fire, a law and order situation is common in the area knocked down the poles and overhead lines, with a high cost for the local utility to restore and maintain. Zorays Solar and Taaleem Foundation Grammar Schools partnered to create a solution by powering the community schools with a standalone off-grid system. This solution is replicable to all small and mid-size dwellings living at the edge of the grid suffering from power-quality issues and where utilities must invest a large amount to maintain the commitment of reliable power for a small customer base.

The following words are from our Team Lead Operations of his first hand experience while installing 24 kVA of Renewable Energy PV Solar Rural Solutions in Eight different cities of Baluchistan,

The truth of the matter is, however deprived we are, let’s bridge the gaps by implementation of all our good intentions. Only in that way the prevailing economic disparity is alleviated. Zorays Solar surely has played its part.

— Khuram Saud

Zorays Solar takes utmost pride in collaborating with Taaleem Foundation Schools and playing its social-corporate responsibility by waving off any charges incurred pertaining to technical design and installation worth PKR. 90,000/-. Just in a fortnight, we commissioned our 3 kVA off-grid systems already working in full-swing at their e-learning schools in Kohlu, KillaSaifullah, Mastung, Loralai, Sui, Muslim Bagh, Zhob and Pishin.

As the Taaleem Foundation Grammar Schools were electing not to reconnect to the local utility grid for the E-Learning Classes due to fluctuating voltages, the system had to meet certain operating standards. The goal was to generate electricity on-site independently of the grid, using storage to assist in operating sophisticated single-phase loads while also providing power at night and during cloudy conditions. The system was designed to provide grid autonomy, yet with no undue inconvenience for the classrooms.

Zorays Solar provided a standard solar rural solution at a fraction of the cost of replacing power needs from the grid. The entire system is self-contained, and was deployed in a short time frame to restore power to 8 different sites. It shows that solar energy can be more cost-effective. This, in short, is the promise of standalone energy systems.

Solar Rural Electrification 100 % Installation Wavier for NGOs NPOs

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