1 kW Solar System price in Pakistan with 3 Hours Battery Backup

Electricity rates have increased by more than 60% over the past few years. Whereas, solar PV prices have hit rock bottom.

We are one of those solar energy companies in Pakistan which like to keep track of what is happening around the world. There is this new law passed, California USA is the first state to require new homes to be built with solar.

In the very near future, it will be the homes without solar that will be harder to sell. Especially since electricity rates are only going up. Decisions we make now regarding fossil fuels and clean energy will have significant and permanent effects on future generations.

Our 1.0 kWp Solar PV Solution with 3 Hours Battery Backup is the right way forward 1 kW solar system price in Pakistan (1 kva solar system price in pakistan) with 3 x 1 kwh solar system.


Lifetime Energy Generation (25 Years) 30,893 kWh

Total Lifetime Savings (25 Years) 960,506/- PKR

Lifetime Carbon Savings (CO2) 18.50 Tonnes