10.0 kWp Solar Power Solution with Net Metering

Lifetime Energy Generation (25 Years) 303,170 kWh

Total Lifetime Savings (25 Years) 10,019,920/- PKR

Lifetime Carbon Savings (CO2) 184.60 Tonnes

How does net metering work with Solar? Common question which people still don’t know about… With net metering, excess electricity that you generate through your rooftop solar is fed into your electric utility’s grid when your system is producing more than you need. You would pay for the electricity you use, MINUS any excess electricity your solar panels generated. This whole process help homeowners save their money on their utility bills every year. So, it is good reason to make money-saving choice & go solar sooner than later with our 10.0 kWp Solar Power Solution which is perfectly designed for Net Metering if your electric consumption is between 11000 units to 16000 units. The system comprises of 37 x 270W Trina Solar Modules and 1 x 10kW Grid Tied Solar Inverter to harness solar energy in Pakistan.

10 kW with 1 hour battery backup

This package is also available on Hire-Purchase (Lease Model) with monthly installments.

Disclaimer: Loan Approval is subject to applicant’s profile pre-assessment.