10.0 Horse Power Agricultural Solar Tube Wells

Install Tube well water pump Technologies in Agriculture: A future independent of sky-high energy bills and a protected environment for the next generations to come awaits you.

Farmers too can enjoy the real Green Life with ourĀ SolarĀ PV Energy ~9000 W AC Solar Platinum Agricultural Solution package which is designed with an Energy Conservation plan to regulate from ideally 8 horsepower up to 10 horsepower centrifugal, surface, mono-block, submersible pump/motor.

Our bet is that with our equipment it turns out to be the best solar power system cost in Pakistan for any agricultural application.

This system works for energizing your existing appliance load up to 10 hp load during sunlight (Equivalent to running 10 hp dc motor price in Pakistan).


10 Horse Power Agricultural Solar Solution bearing best Solar Power System cost in Pakistan works for energizing your 10 hp load durig sunlight.