10.0 Horse Power Agricultural Solar Solution

Farmers too can enjoy the real Green Life with our Solar PV Energy 9000 W AC Solar Platinum Agricultural Solution package which is designed with an Energy Conservation plan to regulate from ideally 8 horse power up to 10 horse power centrifugal, surface, mono-block, submercible pump/motor. Our bet is that with the below mentioned equipment it turns out to be the best solar power system cost in Pakistan for any agricultural application.


  • 36 X 250W Poly – Crystalline Solar Panel (Trina Solar or Equivalent Tier I Product), Class A, Hi-Quality with maximum efficiency nearing 17.1% in Spot Test, TUV & ISO Certified
  • Inverter Pump 11kW Variable Frequency Drive
  • 4 X 10 Structure based on Rotational Zorays Poles with Tracking System and manual flange for setting inclination tilt PV panels, Powder coated, movable in 2-D, ISO Certified
  • DC Cables from PV Arrays to Outlet (6 mm^2) in meters
  • DC Disconnect, Glands, Lugs, Crocodile Clips, Switch board, Conduit, and Distribution Panel
  • Installation Charges
  • Transportation

This system works for energizing your existing appliance load upto 10 hp load durig sunlight.

It is, though most people don’t realise the only thing that came out of the generators was hazardous soot. Only the slim chimneys produced any thing bad. Still better without them at all. Try our agricultural solar solution with exceptional solar power system cost in Pakistan.