3kw Solar System Price in Pakistan with 3 Hours Battery Backup

Lifetime Energy Generation (25 Years) 91,678 kWh

Total Lifetime Savings (25 Years) 3,390,020/- PKR

Lifetime Carbon Savings (CO2) 55.40 Tonnes

Hey Pakistani homeowners! Your electric bill is just gonna keep going up — now’s the time to consider going solar and take advantage of the federal tax credit on simpler slots. See above as how much you can save with solar + battery storage with our 3.0 kWp Solar Energy Package with 3 Hours Battery Backup. Why bother about solar inverter price in Pakistan when we are offering an all in one solution. The solar energy system comprises of 11 x 270 W Trina Solar Modules and 4 x 200 Ah Solar Deep Cycle Batteries.


3kw solar system with battery backup