5.0 kWp Solar Power Package with 1 Hour Battery Backup

Lifetime Energy Generation (25 Years) 151,544 kWh

Total Lifetime Savings (25 Years) 4,802,530/- PKR

Lifetime Carbon Savings (CO2) 92.30 Tonnes

Well, the future is brighter and definitely greener. Solar is now the cheapest and most abundant energy source in the world. As you dig out solar power in Pakistan price, in December 2016, the cost of building and installing new solar electricity generation dropped to $1.65 per watt, narrowly beating out its renewable counterpart wind ($1.66/Watt) and its fossil fuel competitors. A major turning point in terms of the economics of solar vs. fossil fuels occurred in 2016 when a commercial solar provider in Dubai offered solar electricity for sale at $0.029 cents per kilowatt hour, setting a world record for solar as well as all energy sources. Today, there are 89 Petawatts (PW) of potential solar energy production available on earth, making solar the world’s most abundant available source of power. Harnessing the power of the sun means a healthier you and a healthier planet. Go green. Go solar with our 5.0 kWp Solar Power Package that includes 1 Hour Battery Backup. It consists of 19 x 270 W Solar PV Modules by Trina Solar and above all 4 x 120Ah Deep Discharge Solar Tubular Batteries.