5.5 Horse Power Agricultural Solar Tubewell

Were you searching for solar tubewell price in Pakistan? Our 5000 W AC Solar Gold Agricultural Solution package is designed with an Energy Conservation plan which requires management ranging from ideally up to 5.5 horse power centrifugal, surface, mono-block, submercible pump/motor with the best solar system tubewell price in Pakistan.


  • 20 X 250W Poly – Crystalline Solar Panel (Trina Solar or Equivalent Tier I Product), Class A, Hi-Quality with maximum efficiency nearing 17.1% in Spot Test, TUV & ISO Certified
  • Inverter Pump 10kW Variable Frequency Drive
  • 3 X 8 Panel Structure based on Rotational Zorays Poles with Tracking System and manual flange for setting inclination tilt PV panels, Powder coated, movable in 2-D, ISO Certified
  • DC Cables from PV Arrays to Outlet (6 mm^2) in meters
  • DC Disconnect, Glands, Lugs, Crocodile Clips, Switch board, Conduit, and Distribution Panel
  • Installation Charges
  • Transportation

This system works for energizing your existing appliance load upto 5.5 hp load durig sunlight.


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