50 W DC Solar Silver Kit

Powering communities, imroving lives, 50 W dc solar silver kit is designed with an Energy Conservation plan with one fan, simultaneous mobile charging for two mobiles and 1 dc rod light (2 feet).

We bring clean, reliable energy to those who need it most. Excellent for outdoors, checkposts, guard huts, batman accomodation lighting, corporate social responsibility solar projects.


60 W panel, 10 A Solar Charge Controller, 5 hour backup battery bank so you don’t have to figure out deep cycle battery price in Pakistan separately, 9 W 12 V LED Rod lights by SKY LED/SunLife LED, Pedestal Fan (1.2 A SOGO brand or equivalent) convertable into bracket.

This system works for energizing 12 V d.c. load including: 1 pedestal/standing d.c. solar fan , 1 d.c. LED batten/tuberod.

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The complete solar electricity solution inside a box. Contact us to find out how you can change the life of an impoverished family in Pakistan. Worry not about deep cycle battery price in Pakistan as we have already included it in the price.