50 W DC Solar kit for home

Powering communities, imroving lives, 50 W dc solar silver kit is designed with an Energy Conservation plan with one fan, simultaneous mobile charging for two mobiles and 1 dc rod light (2 feet).

We bring clean, reliable energy to those who need it most. Excellent for outdoors, checkposts, guard huts, batman accomodation lighting, corporate social responsibility solar projects.


60 W panel, 10 A Solar Charge Controller, 5 hour backup battery bank so you don’t have to figure out deep cycle battery price in Pakistan separately, 9 W 12 V LED Rod lights by SKY LED/SunLife LED, Pedestal Fan (1.2 A SOGO brand or equivalent) convertable into bracket.

This system works for energizing 12 V d.c. load including: 1 pedestal/standing d.c. solar fan , 1 d.c. LED batten/tuberod.

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We are one of those solar energy companies in pakistan that offers DC Solar kit off grid.


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