Flash Pack – Instant Charger


Flash Pack is a 5000mAH Power bank that charges up in just 15 minutes. Supports QC 2.0! Flash Pack utilizes a 2500 mAh Lithium Nano Phosphate battery for a fast and full charging. Our technology reduces the charging period by up to ten times!

How often has your cellphone died in the middle of an urgent task?

The reason is that you rely on a lot of applications that make your day to day work possible and those apps consume a huge chunk of your battery. And suddenly, we find ourselves powerless, and restricted by old-fashioned wires and proximity to the closest wall outlet; until now.

Here Is The Solution

             Introducing Flash Pack – the new rapid-charging power bank.

Flash Pack – Power Bank That charges up in minutes: A 5000maH Power Bank that charges in 15 minutes.