Gold Solar Air Conditioner Price


Most things in life work on variable speeds. Gas stoves have a regulator. Cars have an accelerator. And so on. Why then do ACs work on fixed speed. Fixed speed ACs are less comfortable and less energy efficient. Inverter AC is the right choice.

Your very own Inverter based Gold Solar Air Conditioning system comprises of state-of-the-art technology. In this package, Solar Air Conditioner Price includes 1.5 Ton AC, which runs for continuous 10 hours without intervention from WAPDA.

1.5 Ton or 18000 BTU Inverter AC of choice among given brands (Kenwood Inverter AC, Enviro Inverter AC, Haier Heat & Cool Fully 4D Inverter AC, Orient Inverter AC, PEL Inverter AC with extended warranty and subject to availablity) + Fully Autonomous Patent Technology Realtime Sun Tracked Pole made of Galvanised Iron mild Steel + 10 X Trina/Tesla Solar Panels + Volta Tall Tubular Batteries for backup.

Solar Air Conditioner Portable? No. Read FAQs.

Moreover please do not hesitate to look as there is no such thing as DC inverter and whole encompassing article all necessary information you need to know can be found here:

All about Inverter Air Conditioners

Meanwhile if you are hunting a 2 ton complete solar AC solution book at the introductory price: Rs. 500,000/-