Solar Assessments, Consulting & Auditing

Note: In order for us to determine seriousness and serve our clients better, usually a 5% fee of the total project cost is sought on the second tier. This cost is then waved off of the final negotiation at the time of project execution.

Transparency is at helm of affairs, we are a PEC C-5 firm and actively work for the Government level projects as consultants. Perhaps, the fee we charge is leveraged against the discount benefits that we gain for our clients who opt for RFP or supply chain assistance while being direct importants.

Our suite of professional services cover visual inspection to detailed power analysis. Our energy audit enscopes a checklist verification of 36 different faucets and standards.

We offer consultancy in any respect before furnishing any upfront quotes.

It is only fair if you can express you keen interest for Tier 1, you will be required to pay a preliminary online fee for hiring of such a detailed service.

As a consequence a three tier plan is initiated which includes (but is not limited to):

Tier 1: Desktop Analysis

Input 1: Electricity Meter No.

Reason: For detail account of consumer behavior patterns to be run on our special artificial intelligence algorithms.

Input 2: Geo-location

Reason: PVsys/Helioscope detailed shade mitigation analysis and determination of aesthetically sounding provisions of solar installation in accord with Californian Building Standards

Input 3: Expected Load Suggestions around any current backups like Generators and/or UPS

Reason: To determine what percent Off set of Load is through Renewables Energy Mix.

Tier 2: Site Visit

Energy Audit

Load Calculations

Wiring Measurements

Tier 3: Coherent Proposal

ROI calculations including forecasting



Supply chain Recommendations

Payment Gateways including Financial Loan approvals