Manual Sun Tracked Pole Foundation
Zorays Solar Manual Sun Pole Underneath
Zorays Solar Sun Tracked Flanges

Manual Sun Tracking Pole

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From conception into reality. Zorays Solar our plans are backed by proofs which enable us to deliver best.

Sun Tracked / Mechanically adjustable PV Modules Mounting Poles

1 – Number of PV Modules = 8 ( 250 W – 60 Cells – 6 inch by 6 inch )

2 – Height of Pole = 5 feet

3 – Diameter of pole = 5 inch

4 – Base Plate = 16 inch by 16 inch

5 – RCCB Mounting Structure = 15 inch by 15 inch by 42 inches deep

6 – Pole with Black Powder Coating

7 – Mounting Angle Iron Blue Emulsion Paint

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Product Description

2D Manual Zorays Sun Tracking Pole using Flanges to orient according to tilt in 5 degrees of freedom and Azimuthi in 7 degrees of freedom. This enables optimization of solar panels.

Case Study: 

For minimizing the dust levels 20 Solar Poles of 1.75 m height are used for fixing 8 Modules on each pole. Poles are adjustable on two axis receive maximum Solar Radiations from the Sun. The poles are designed to face a Thunder storm and Air-Wind velocity up to 145 km/Hr.

Pakistan’s First 55 kWp Sun Face Adjustable Solar Plant on 20 Poles installed at Sui, Dera Bhughti, Baluchistan.

Salient features:

  • Suitable for Agriculture needs where land is limited
  • 12 degrees of freedom
  • Shade mitigation concept
  • Flexible Orientation
  • Customised Color Coating
  • Strength design to sustain against cross flow winds