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national ambient air quality standards pakistan
Zorays Climate Action
October 18, 2019

Development of Baseline (Air Quality) Data in Pakistan

Much of China’s CPEC investment in Pakistan is in the power sector. And three-fourths of the $19.1 billion it says it is investing in this sector is in coal-fired plants.…
Global Climate Change Adaption
Zorays Climate Action
September 16, 2019

[Climate Change Study] Pakistani Glaciers Affected by Global Climate Change

Pakistan's northern regions are home to the world's biggest icy masses outside the polar districts. While city-inhabitants probably won't know about the legends behind these ice glaciers, we are totally…
Zorays Solar Mounting Structure
Zorays Solar Mounting Structure
September 7, 2017

Is Aluminium Solar Mounting Structure the Best Solar Mounting Structure for You?

Zorays Solar Pakistan is a leading manufacturer of various solar mounting, we currently carry full range of pitched roof, flat roof, ballasted mounting, pole mounting and ground mounting solutions. Choosing…