With free energy surveys, our vision is to make solar electricity part of the mainstream energy supply with our 24/7 service help line. We hope to encourage local and national legislation in order to make solar a practical investment opportunity in Pakistan.

Solar Corporate Profile

Zorays Solar Pakistan seeks to harness its exclusive, cutting-edge technology and innovative creativity to deliver global solutions that cater to consumers’​ daily needs. Consulting firm for residential, commercial and industrial solar power systems.

Zorays Solar Pakistan helps businesses to make better corporate buildings with No more hefty WAPDA billls.

We have an intent to resolve the energy crises with sincere efforts towards selling our superior quality off-grid solutions independent of National Distribution Grid, from any local energy distribution company. So much so, we look on to provide Solar Power back-up for our esteemed clients for continuous operation of the essential equipment of all types and load-energy requirements.

Why Zorays Solar?

  1. Leader of Metropolitan Renewable Energy Technologies,
  2. Fastest growing Renewable Energy firm from Pakistan,
  3. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Solutions and Solar Product Innovations,
  4. Solar Bijli Haazir: Solution to frequent electric outages in Pakistan,
  5. Solar Solar Pakistan: Photovoltaic Solar Energy Solutions in 18 districts of Pakistan,
  6. Energy Conservation: Cutting-edge Renewable Technology, High Quality Solar Panels,
  7. Working aginst “Solar Takhta, Solar Sheesha, Solar Plate, Solar Sheet?”​ abuse of technology,
  8. Solar Energy Pakistan: Khalid Islam Scientist Environmental / CDM Mitiagtion working since 1987.