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Solar Net Metering Application Pakistan

While persuing nepra net metering application bear in mind that you can only accrue points and use them wisely for adjustment and can not cash back the negative bill. You can not gross beyond your sanctioned load. Like, for example, do not rate it as an investment opportunity where you can export electricity to make bucks. But if you can let us design your system size wisely where any accumulated points in Winters are beneficial in Summers, then you can make the best out of this technique.

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Net Metering Pakistan Price Payback

The usual pay back does not include the energy units accrued as the export of energy is prohibited until the approval of your net metering application. Even so, the nominal rate of bill deduction in case of electricty export to the grid is set @Rs. 10 per kWHr or off peak rate and will only occur after the batteries are instantaneously fully charged to maintain minimum backup against estimated load. Thus, the usual pay back time is bound to increase with these kind of nepra net metering rules.

The electricity meter cost is borne by the client according to the latest developments. In case, the establishment is a new site the client will have to get a regular meter installed before it can be replaced with the one with net metering option (Rs. 18,000 or adjustment). The Cable from Inverter to Mains Distribution board is intended same as the house wiring; hence, excluded from the quote. One of the necessary expenditure to be borne by the client at the time of application submission for net-metering is the provision of 4 core 35 mm^2 double insulated wires. Kindly, also note that Neutral Cable is separately attached in such a case.

Book You Appointment for Solar Net Meter Training

Please accept that it is client’s prerogative to sought his/her application directly with relevant DISCO and we shall facilitate with a line diagram and necessary certificate provision for Inverter’s compatibility. Carefully, we optimize your unit load with the estimate, where units accumulated over an year / 1500 units = System Size in Kilo Watts. Remeber, Zorays Solar Pakistan is brining you net metering technology in pakistan and on the client’s optional wish, we help them speedup the process at an addition 1.5 Rs per Watt mentioned in the total quote which includes Performa submission, presence at time of inspection, detailed followup of the application till final approval of the case.