Solar Net Metering Training on Solar System Price in Pakistan
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Solar Net Metering training is meant for giving you awareness about Solar Power System and its components so that you may acquire sufficient knowledge about Solar Power that suits your requirements. We do not ask you to purchase any thing from our company but we want you to purchase a good system for the money you plan to invest for this excellent facility. We assure that no one can cheat you after attending this Technical Training Session. You will find your self confident to decide for a proper Solar Power Solution for your needs and this is the objective of our training session. In any case, keep your electricity bills as low as 25 %.

Solar Net Metering Training Contents:

  1. HOW to convert your Roof Top into a Solar Power Plant?
  2. HOW Solar Power is generated on your Roof Top?
  3. HOW much Solar Power is generated on your Roof Top?
  4. HOW big Solar Power system do you need?
  5. HOW much is the cost of Solar Power Solution for meeting your needs?
  6. HOW to plan and arrange the finances?
  7. HOW much is the pay back time of your investment?
  8. WHAT are three types of Solar Power generation solutions?
  9. WHAT can you energize with Solar Power?
  10. WHAT is Solar Net Metering?
  11. WHAT can you operate with 5.5 kW, 10 kW, 20 kW etc. Hybrid Solar Power Solution?
  12. WHAT facilities from Government are available for the provision of Solar Power Systems?
  13. WHAT is the life of Solar Power System?
  14. WHAT are the components (Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar Chargers, Solar Batteries, Solar Structure and dc Cables etc.)?
  15. WHAT are the check points of a good Solar Power Solution?

Perks of attending Solar Net Metering Training

FREE OFFER: You can also avail our FREE OF COST ENERGY DESKTOP AUDIT service to find how can you save your electricity and use your Solar Power generated from the roof top.

We are thankful to our partner Hangzhou Yatai, HRC, Govt. of China who floated this idea of free awareness training for you. Please visit our team at www and meet our Chief Consultants Dr. Lin Nind. Director. HRC. China and Mr. K. Islam