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Zorays Solar
January 14, 2018

Solar Powered Drip Irrigation in Punjab helps cut the Farmer Investment Down to 20%

Drip irrigation is drop by drop application of water to…
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Zorays Solar
October 9, 2017

What is the Profitability of PV Solar Modules for Pakistan?

At Zorays Solar Pakistan, profitbilty of your PV Solar Solution is…
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Sun Data Pakistan
Zorays SolarZorays Wind
March 18, 2017

Sun Data Pakistan – Solar Resource Assessment for CSP, PV Solar, Solar Thermal, and Geothermal

Where does Pakistan stand on a Global Solar Atlas? Estimates that…
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Zorays Solar Net Metering Training'
Zorays Solar
March 10, 2017

Reverse Metering Pakistan: Solar Net Metering Training on Solar System Price in Pakistan

Solar Net Metering training is meant for giving you awareness…
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