Largest Solar Network in Pakistan
100 % satisfied customers not only from solar system price in Pakistan aspect but from quality aspect. Fulfilling Pakistani customers’ cheap electricity needs with leading solar solutions through perfectly matched components. No modules recalls ever. Systems operating over 25 years in the field with exceptional solar deep cycle battery in Pakistan price range.

“Power Gen Solar System in Lahore: We paid a total bill of Pakistan Rupees 500 in the month of July 2016. Enough said. The best solar energy system for home in Pakistan courtesy Zorays Solar.”

Haji Nazeer3.5 kW Load Profile PV Solar Solution installed at 131 Ali Block New Garden Town Lahore

“This water pump is enough to cater for my resort’s water demand and sanitary applications. I assume that Zorays is a group of the best Electro-Sun Solar Energy Consultants as they understand Solar Dynamics Technologies so well.”

Shafqaat Naghmi6 kW PV Water Pumping Solar Solution installed at a resort Sector D12 Margalla Islamabad

“I am surprised at the quality of the solar panels found here in Peshawar. Peshawar deserves Zorays Solar. Undoubtedly, Zorays Solar has not only entered a new market but our hearts as well with their Future Solar Energy Solutions.”

Ahmed Ali Khan3 kVA Load Profile PV Solar Solution installed at Hayattabad Peshawar

“I literally could not be happier that I chose to buy our PV Solar from Zorays Solar Pakistan. I stopped worrying about a 150 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan the moment they made us aware with performance metrics so we could compare apples to apples. Our project is the first to have used Volta Flat Tubular Battery in any corporate project in Pakistan. They gave us the best volta battery price in Pakistan so much so we increased our backup time within 2 weeks of the project. ”

Zahid KhanElectrical Procurement Engineer
Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent
Watts of PV Solar Solutions
Cities have called upon proposals
Pakistani Map Zorays Solar
3kVA 2 kW PV Home Solution for Oil Field Employee from MOL Pakistan in Hayatabad Peshawar
1kVA 0.75 kW PV DC Solar Solution Wah Cantonment
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Class Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Loralai
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Mastung
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Killasaifullah
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Sui
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Pishin
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Kohlu
15kVA 12 kW Agricultural PV Solar Farm Solution with 2D rotational tracking mechanism Multan
5kVA 4kW Colony State Life Insurance Society Gate Fatehjhang
5kVA 4kW Residential PV Solar Solution Marghzar Subarban Lahore
5kVA 3.5kW Home Solar System Garden Town Lahore
6 kW Nazeer Ch. Shell Gas Filling Station Kasoor
35kW Solar Water Pump for Utility Supply of Sector I-8 Islamabad
4kW PV Solar Water Pumping System Kohlu
3kVA 2kW E-learning Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Muslimbagh
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Zhob
6kW Water Pump for Resort in Sector D-12 Margalla Islamabad
5kVA 4 kW PV Solar Solution for home I-8 Islamabad
3 kVA 2.5 kW Off-Grid solution for National Center for Rural Development Chak Shahzad Islamabad
300 W DC Solution for Stable at Cow Farm near Attock
11.6 kW Residential Solar System custom design for 1 Kanal home Bahria Town Lahore
4 kW Cost Effective PV Solar Solution for Federal Secretary in Sheikhupura
22kW Largest functional corporate solution for Scomi Oil Tools I-9 Industrial Area Islamabad
80 kVA 55kW Biggest Vocational Centre Shifted on Solar at Virtual University for Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Sui donated by Pakistan Petroleum Limited at Sui
20 X 60 W DC Solar Solutions as CSR Project at Sapphire Wind Power Co Ltd. Site No. 3 Jhimpir Near Nooriabad
60 W DC Solar Solution as CSR by Carnelian NGO at Mirpurkhas
10.5 kW net metering solution for our residential client General (R). Salahuddin from DHA Phase I, Rawalpindi/Islamabad
2.3 kW Cost Effective PV Solar Solution at Sector K DHA Phase V
1.5 kW Relocation PV Solar Project from Punjab Cooperative Society to Sector L DHA Phase V
4 X 30 Ft Galvanized Street Lighting Poles installed for Pak Army Chunian Cantt on behalf of DWP Group (Ecostar+GREE)
80 kVA 60.45 kW Standalone Hybrid Solar System to Enable District Head Quarters that control the complete district of Washuk.

100% Carbon Neutral Electricity

On-site installation encompasses delivery, construction and commissioning of your solar installation. Your presence is needed only during this installation phase. Sun Solar Systems less than 20kW are typically completed within 7 days to harness sun energy.

About Experienced Solar Team

“Carbon Trading is one of the fastest growing financial markets in the world. When majority of nations used non-renewable sources of energy that led to emission of green house gases, it became inevitable to reduce green house gases and regulate emissions. 191 countries have signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol to reduce such green house emissions. We seek to harness our exclusive, cutting-edge solar inverter battery technology and innovative creativity to deliver global energy solutions that cater to consumers’ daily green life energy needs. We ensure that your requirements are efficiently met during project implementation as we compare electricity rates before and after instsallation of solar panels for home and business.”

Khalid Islam, Chief Energy Consultant (working on PV Solar Energy since 1987 with hands on experience on Kyocera and Canadian PV Panels)

Value for Money: Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

In the last few years, advances in solar technology and the rapid decline in component prices have been the major disruptive factors that let Zorays Solar Pakistan become one of the best solar system companies in Pakistan which leverage cost versus value with proper cost-benefit analysis unlike others. We offer complete range of solar panel services across Pakistan. Zorays Solar has registered itself as a name of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Zorays (SMC-PVT) Ltd. delivers cost effective, reliable and innovative Solar Energy projects and products. Best project management is a specialty of Zorays SolarOur mission is to provide affordable green energy for all. Zorays Solar Pakistan offers attractive photovoltaic systems solutions with high added value. From Photovoltaic systems for general industry to large scale solar projects, and from roof-top installations to ground-based installations, we are spreader of light, we are Zorays Solar Pakistan. We provide best solar system in Pakistan with reasonable solar system price. Do not get robbed by low priced, low quality Solar Energy products.

Pakistan's First Carbon Neutral Electricity Installer

Zorays Solar Pakistan has been authorized as an Executive Distributor and Service Partner for the middle-east region by GoodWe Solar Inverters, which has its manufacturing in Turkey for it NS, D-NS, DT, S-DT, MT, ES Series. You will forget about inverex hybrid inverter price in Pakistan. Also, we offer exceptional Trina solar panels price in Pakistan as above range comes with best solar inverter price in Pakistan. Thus, we are converting corporate housing societies into smart, innovative and graceful alpha communities to live in. Let’s hedge against the continuing rising costs of electricity purchased from the national grid.

Zorays Solar is the embodiment of the sustainability Licensed for Net Metering‎ B/3/1/Net Met/ZSPL/17/35

The real cheap solar system for home in Pakistan is one with the net metering because of its excellent pay back time. Net Metering (NM) allows you to seamlessly push electricity from your solar energy system into the main power grid. As a result, you get the benefits of near-zero bills and low carbon footprint. To get a NM connection, technical approval and an updated (bi-directional) meter is needed from your local electricity office. Don’t worry, Zorays Solar takes care of this from start to finish!

AEDB approved vendor · Custom Design · Free Bi-Directional Energy Meter

International Standard Equipment, Seamless Installations, Net Metering Faciltity Available:

Climate change is not just a political issue: it’s a moral and social issue, in which we are all accountable. The cost of solar panels and batteries has fallen dramatically over the past few years, and this is the first time GoodWe, a European Brand, popular for its Inverter Products has actually connected with Zorays Solar Pakistan to not only provide befitting Inverter products, but excel with an ambition to develop and improve their product according to Pakistani Grid and environmental factors especially after the recently improved conditions that allow vendors to apply for net metering on behalf of the customer. Thereby, Zorays Solar Pakistan with its commitment to harness the solar energy, has opened up new vistas in the field of solar as in the field of solar photovoltaic with focus on Net-Metering. Say goodbye to darkness in the evening and costly electricity bills.

Agriculture Solutions

The need for clean, reliable and efficient energy is more important than ever. Do you have a land in Punjab allocated with/for Drip Irrigation? After drip irrigation system design and installation, we help you with solar tube well installation and get your High Efficiency Irrigation System Solarized on 15 acres or less with a commitment of 80% per cent subsidy under solar tube well scheme 2015. Wondering about solar system tubewell price in Pakistan? No need for solar tubewell loan after this solar tube well scheme in Punjab with our innovative solar solutions including solar tube well system. Zorays (SMC-PVT) Ltd. providing Solar PV Energy and Backup Solutions for agriculture is empowering every farmer with SolarEnergy and power backup systems.

Moreover, we have applied for two of the following Solar Thermal Technology Patent and Biogas Patent:
i. Patent applied No. 521-2014, Title: Single Axel, Sun Tracked, Auto-Rotational Commercial Solar-Thermal Dryer.
ii. Patent applied No. 522-2014, Title: Multi-Fermenters and Single Digester Bio-gas Plant.

Solar Supplier Company with Punjab Agriculture Directorate

Our mission is not only to provide solar energy system for home in Pakistan but farms too. Enjoy the Green Life as we use best quality solar panels in Pakistan. Now, everybody will tell you that but we actually provide a long Free 2-year maintenance with quarterly surveys and protocols! Local partners for swift service. Spread the word: Referral Program. Come, become part of the solar revolution. Save money while doing good.

Why Businesses Choose Zorays Solar: Compare Electricity Rates

To cater Pakistan’s local domestic, commercial & industrial requirement in compliance with quality and competitive price, Zorays Solar Pakistan aims to provide the latest and most advance technology equipment for power generation, storage and backup with strong and reliable after sale services. We are in the process of establishing a complete end-to-end power infrastructure from import to assembly. Through our nation wide sales and support nerwork, we are striving to become a successful and well-known brand in Pakistan.

Meet Our Team: Solar Associates & Solar Experts

Zorays Solar is an EPC company that provides complete renewable energy solutions with a national footprint of over 200 business affiliate professionals with offices in all metropolitan centres of Pakistan. Zorays Solar harmonizes the electrical, renewable and design industry by channelizing job opportunities to the youth of Pakistan.

Also, with a focus on quality, professionalism, and services, Zorays Solar has excelled to become a trusted market leader. We as Solar Renewable Solutions provider maintain a dedicated staff of engineers, designers, and well trained installers to make solar a turnkey solution for our customers. By implementing BPO: Business Process Outsourcing – we are acquiring high volumes of business through these collaborators and expanding our teams modularly with a current size of 15 employees with diversified backgrounds.

Green Energy Technology with Golden Savings

Competitive project solutions tailored to meet client needs in a safe, reliable, timely, and cost-effective manner. Zorays Solar is capable of devising the optimum photovoltaic power and energy solution for specific projects. Are you looking for solar ac price in Pakistan? Our green solar power system company specializes in solar power design and installation for commercial business, government and utility customers all across Pakistan. At the same time we take pride in our world-class vendors by channelizing the latest technology, state of the art equipment with sole authorization to sell best solar system for air conditioner in Pakistan.

Solar Studio: Dedicated Energy Consultants

Join us in expanding silicon solar power Photovoltaic systems for the benefit of our irreplaceable future. Increase the value of your home, protect yourself from future energy rate increases, help the environment – all at the same time. A movement toward the building of a Low-carbon Society using Clean, limitless energy. Rapport with NEPRA, AEDB, EDB, NTDC.

Carbon Neutrality is our expression of sustainability

Zorays Solar Pakistan with its Be Green Solar Energy Solutions helps businesses to make better corporate buildings and offices with best Solar Panel Price in Pakistan and other energy services. Our minimal response time and one window operation guarantees us a 100 % customer satisfaction. Zorays Solar designs multiple system options for you (e.g. Premium, Economy). Based on your selection, Zorays Solar creates a final system design. Zorays Solar provides detailed guidance to help you make this choice.

Building Pakistan with Green Brigade

Save Energy Safe Future: The world energy scenario depicts a picture of concern since the production and consumption of energy have resulted in severe environmental impacts across the globe. Although the supply of energy is expected to remain adequate in coming years, the imbalance of energy consumption is prevalent around the world. Here are the first few steps Zorays Solar Pakistan has taken to make our country more energy efficient by introducing Solar Energy Power and other Green Energy Solutions.

  • Arfa Project V1.o: One Interview Guaranteed: We have knitted a professional community of nearly 45,000 IT enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to help us achieve our Corporate Social Responsibility goals.
  • Lifetime Services Wavier for Team Carnelian.
  • National Center for Rural Development free Solar System donated.
  • Donated Water Pump for The University of the Punjab.
  • Taaleem Foundation Grammar Schools Service Charges 100 per cent wavier.