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Solar Energy for your Home and Business

Zorays SMC PVT LTD is the leading provider of clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers in Pakistan that specializes in premier solar power system in Pakistan. Lock your skyelectric bills at zero and maximize your savings for a lifetime!

Summer is here, as the temperature gets hotter, Wapda bill shoots higher. But how can we use solar energy in Pakistan? It is simple! Get your net metered solar solutions before the electricity bills start taking their toll on your pocket. Start by comparing 5kw solar system price in Pakistan and 10kw solar system price in Pakistan.

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Zorays Solar Fields


Cost-Effective Solar energy system for home price in Pakistan
Services Intensive Solar Company in Pakistan among few Net Metering Companies in Pakistan 
Why is it important to use solar energy in Pakistan? Solar Panels in Pakistan For Businesses

We are one of those solar energy companies in Pakistan that offers ultra optimum 100kW Solar System Price in Pakistan so the Levelized Cost of Energy over the 25-year life cycle costing is a minimum of 10 times less than the average commercial unit rate. 

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Heavily awarded net metering solutions for home, commercial and agricultural solar

You don't need to worry about sky electric bills with Zorays Solar our turnkey solar energy system for home price in Lahore Pakistan and elsewhere is substatiated even after the recent increase in the electricity unit price. Simply book an appointment and seek the answer as we offer the least per-unit costs and lowest solar power in Pakistan price.

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