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Tired of Paying Sky Electric Bills? Net Metering is the Answer.

Among countries that befall in Load Shedding and Power crisis, Pakistan’s energy scenario and local consumer’s electric energy consumption behaviors are not any different. The production and consumption of non renewable energy has resulted in severe environmental impacts across the globe.
Through our nationwide sales and support network for residential solar panel systems, we have become a well-known brand promoting renewable energy sources in Pakistan for ultimate home improvements bench-marking Tesla’s Powerwall, and Lithium-ion batteries.
As a commitment to harness the alternative energy resources, we have opened up new vistas in the focused field of Net Metering as grid-tie inverter suppliers in Pakistan and early bird users of deep cycle battery compliant to the grid conditions of Pakistan.
Improve lifestyle, increase the value of your home, protect yourself from future energy rate increases, help the environment – all at the same time. Adaptive technology such as solar energy can save the planet and improve the general standard of living.
In the last few years, advances in PV technology by advanced solar panel manufacturers and the rapid decline in power and energy technology component prices (including storage battery prices in Pakistan) have been the major disruptive factors that help us curate highly lucrative solar energy systems prices specific to your needs.
Together with JS Bank solar financing, we are changing over corporate and domestic lodging social orders into keen, creative and clean environments to live in by providing turn key package solar system on installments in Pakistan under government tax breaks.
Our mission is not only to provide PV energy system for homes in Pakistan but farms too. No need to spend a lot of money & time on diesel generator & fuel. We have built a special focus on Bio Fuels, Bio Mass, Bio Gas Powered Solutions under the regime of Renewable Energy Association of Pakistan, and PSA.
With our online monitoring facility, you can monitor your system from your mobile device or laptop from anywhere in the world. Beside home solar power system, our customers can control their appliance even with voice recognition (Siri/Google voice/Google Home/Amazon Alexa).

“We are net metering approved renewable energy company driven to create an affordable and sustainable energy future for residential, agricultural, utility, commercial & industrial entities in Pakistan. We help you install solar panels based power generator reducing electricity bills with affordable solar panels for homes and improving performance and productivity due to no power outages at offices.”

Khalid Islam
Ex- Director General Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies
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is the one that discover commercial solar power systems for centralized and decentralized grid-tie, self consumption, off grid solar, and back-up power focusing maintenance free agm battery and long lasting tubular battery. No self-praise but Zorays Solar Pakistan can be seen as an all rounder with its DC Kits to PPA Green Energy Bond offerings within renewable energy industry.

Pakistani Map Zorays Solar
3kVA 2 kW First Solar PV Home Solution for Oil Field Employee from MOL Pakistan in Hayatabad Peshawar.
1kVA 0.75 kW PV DC Solar Solution Wah Cantonment.
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Class with bare minimum solar panel cost at Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Loralai.
3kVA 2kW Solar Power Plant enabling E-Learning Class at Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Mastung.
3kVA 2kW with electrical provisions for E-Learning at Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Killasaifullah.
3kVA 2kW solar power system with Volta battery bank at Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Sui.
3kVA 2kW empowering E-Learning Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Pishin.
3kVA 2kW with total quality management around E-Learning at Taaleem Foundation Grammer School Systems Kohlu.
15kVA 12 kW Agricultural PV Solar Farm Solution with 2D rotational tracking mechanism and Canadian Solar panels in Multan.
5kVA 4kW use of clean energy at State Life Insurance Colony Fatehjhang.
5kVA 4kW energy conservation based Residential PV Solar Solution Marghzar Subarban Lahore.
5kVA 3.5kW Home Solar System Garden Town Lahore focusing energy efficiency.
6 kW Nazeer Ch. Shell Gas Filling Station Kusur.
35kW Solar Water Pump for Utility Supply of Sector I-8 Islamabad.
4kW PV Solar Water Pumping System Kohlu.
3kVA 2kW E-learning Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Muslimbagh.
3kVA 2kW E-Learning Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Zhob.
6kW Water Pump for Resort in Sector D-12 Margalla Islamabad.
5kVA 4 kW PV Solar Solution for home I-8 Islamabad.
3 kVA 2.5 kW Off-Grid solution for National Center for Rural Development Chak Shahzad Islamabad.
300 W DC Solution for Stable at Cow Farm near Attock.
11.6 kW Residential Solar System custom design for 1 Kanal home Bahria Town Lahore.
4 kW Cost Effective PV Solar Solution for Federal Secretary in Sheikhupura.
22kW Largest functional corporate solution for Scomi Oil Tools I-9 Industrial Area Islamabad.
80 kVA 55kW Biggest Vocational Centre Shifted on Solar at Virtual University for Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Sui donated by Pakistan Petroleum Limited at Sui.
20 X 60 W DC Solar Solutions with 5 hours storage as CSR Project at Sapphire Wind Power Co Ltd. Site No. 3 Jhimpir Near Nooriabad.
60 W DC Solar Solution as Green Energy CSR by Carnelian NGO at Mirpurkhas.
10.5 kW net metering solution for our residential client General (R). Salahuddin from DHA Phase I, Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
2.3 kW Cost Effective PV Solar Solution with AGM battery setup at Sector 56-K DHA Phase V Lahore.
1.5 kW Relocation PV Solar Energy Project from Punjab Cooperative Society to Sector 694-L DHA Phase V.
4 X 30 Ft Galvanized Street Lighting Poles installed for Pak Army Chunian Cantt on behalf of DWP Group (Ecostar+GREE).
80 kVA 60.45 kW Standalone Off Solar System with battery backup to Enable District Head Quarters that control the complete district of Washuk.
10 kW On Farm Water Management Project in Kasur for Mr. Umair Ahsan.
10 kW solar panels On Grid Project in DHA Y-Block for General Nasrullah Doggar for 4 inverter based air conditioner load.
2 KW Off Grid System maintained in Kallar Kahar for optimization after the installer had defaulted and the company seized to exist.
14.4 KW On Grid System with net metering license done for residential home owner C Block Phase VI DHA.
13.6 KW On Grid System with net metering license done for residential home owner 100 L Block Phase VIII DHA.
5.12 kW Net Metering for a residential home 270-K DHA Phase V.
5.02 kW Net Metering Solution for a Theme Water Park Opposite Bahria Nasheman.
22 kW Solar Net Metering Solution to capture sun power in Rahim Yar Khan synced with Generators.
DC 640 W Off Grid solar system done for Garden Town Client with Charger.
1 MW Solar Power Grid Tied Successful Design Consultancy to harness renewable energy potential at National Assembly of Pakistan.
10.26kW Trina Solar green energy based drip irrigation solarization project under On Farm Water Management Directorate of Agriculture Punjab in Hafizabad for Mr. Jehangir Langah of Tarrar Pind.
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are in agreement, offering off-grid packages helping remote area population to manage their energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. We take the lead of having done off-grid projects in 10 remote districts of Baluchistan especially with concentration on hybrid solar and wind power plants. 

Among All These Solar Power Companies Pakistan

We focus on reducing operating costs among many other advantages of solar power

Smooth the intermittent nature of renewable energies, stabilize the transmission and distribution systems, or optimize your energy consumption by integrating an energy storage system (forget comparing refurbished ups Pakistan rates) from a bankable partner.

Whatever the application, wherever on the globe, we’ll be here to support your energy storage needs around the most optimized solar system price in Pakistan while also providing solar system on installments in Pakistan.

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We offer solar power systems based on complete photovoltaic power plant solution for pv integration and connection including power conversion (inverters, transformers and switchgear), electrical distribution, monitoring, supervision and technical support. We provide the full alternative energy solutions from the panel DC output to the grid connection focusing WAPDA net metering.

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Smart Home Solar Energy System in Pakistan

Our solar power cost is optimized around solar panel design, best inverters in Pakistan, and construction with guaranteed yield rendering best residential solar systems with average residential solar power installation time less than 5 days.

Pristine Quality Smart Energy System For Businesses

Zorays Solar offers an intelligent solar, grid and battery solution engineered to supply reliable energy for consumers in markets with unstable grids from the cleanest and cheapest cost sources under the negligible current tax rate.

Heavily Awarded Commercial and Agricultural Solar

Our Commercial Energy System comes with continuous support and monitoring, allowing it to have multiple features unmatched by even the most popular solar solutions worldwide due to appropriate selection from amongst battery brands in Pakistan.