Okay! Set… you have a 3-Phase electric meter and ready for replacement with Wapda Net Metering from local DISCO via Zorays Solar Pakistan. What next? Below, we will discuss Net Metering Pakistan Price vs. Benefit Analysis of Solar Net Metering Application in Pakistan.

While persuing nepra net metering application bear in mind that you can only accrue points and use them wisely for adjustment and can not cash back the negative bill. That is why, You can not gross beyond 1.5 times your sanctioned load. Like, for example, do not rate it as an investment opportunity where you can export electricity to make bucks. But if you can let us design your system size wisely where any accumulated points in Winters are beneficial in Summers, then you can make the best out of this technique.

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In pursuant to the AEDB (Certification) Regulations, 2017 AEDB has provisionally certified Zorays Solar Pakistan as vendor/installer/service provider for net metering installations for the benefit of the consumers under its net metering program. After meeting the tough stipulated criteria Zorays Solar Pakistan will manage its Sales and After Sales activities in Pakistani markets and is seeking for sole distributors in Peshawar, Islamabad and Karachi for the moment.

GoodWe together with Zorays Solar Pakistan has established a realistic target to supply 50 % of Zorays Solar Client’s electricity demand to be supplied from renewable sources using these inverters by 2020. This would mean an excellent quality control of European standard shall definitely enter the market with Zorays Solar currently present in 28 different cities of Pakistan. Such inverters are welcome to surpass the product available locally and otherwise without much conformance to local grid and environmental control. Well this is one way out of many to restrict smog in years to follow.

Reverse Net Meter Price, Net Metering Rates and Net Metering Concept

Together these companies are eyeing to publish their R&D work in this regard and are ready to give pride service training on these top notch and state-of-the-art inverters around net meter grid connect solar systems under Nepra net metering regime. GoodWe’s Intelligent energy management system and its monitoring system provides the end user up to an additional 30% savings on your utility bills as compared to readily available inverters from Hall Road or College road. The ROI ranges from 14 % (industrial application) to 24 % (residential application) easily. The average differential rate for electricity applied is averaged @ Rs. 17 per unit for Residential buying, @ Rs. 14.2 for Commercial buying and @ Rs. 9.3 for Industrial buying as per incentivized net metering policy and Wapda unit price in Pakistan. Kindly note that net meter reading is performed on compliant equipment only and thereby it is discouraged to use Gas Generators or Diesel Power Generators to be attached for this purpose. Hence, do not buy anything that sells cheap in the market. It shall go waste.

Net Metering Pakistan Price Payback

No body understands Net Metering in Pakistan better than us. And why not? Net metering definition is something that a retail shop ore even an importer won’t tell you about. The usual pay back does not include the energy units accrued as the export of energy is prohibited until the approval of your net metering application. Even so, the nominal rate of bill deduction in case of electricity export to the grid is set @ weighted average of off peak and peak hour rate and will only occur after the batteries are instantaneously fully charged to maintain minimum backup against estimated load. Thus, the usual pay back time is bound to increase with these kind of nepra net metering rules. More so, in absence of batteries, the unit to unit adjustment occurs for both off peak and peak hour rates but for peak hour unit adjustment there is some infrastructure cost that the client still has to bear.

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The electricity meter cost is borne by the client according to the latest developments. In case, the establishment is a new site the client will have to get a regular meter installed before it can be replaced with the one with net metering option (Rs. 16,000 or adjustment). In case of residential, we supply whole current based electric meters by Creative Technology (an approved vendor by WAPDA). In case of Industrial application, we supply current transformer based net meter (assuming that the industry already has current transformers in place, you need to just tell us about the CT ratios and number of CTs). We offer this Bi-Directional Energy Meter Free-of-Cost to our clients. The Cable from Inverter to Mains Distribution board is intended same as the house wiring; hence, excluded from the quote. One of the necessary expenditure to be borne by the client at the time of application submission for net-metering is the provision of 4 core 35 mm^2 double insulated wires for the home and selectively bigger cross-secitioned wire for the industry. Kindly, also note that Neutral Cable is separately attached to net metering meter in such a case.

Book You Appointment for Solar Net Meter Training

Please accept that it in the past it was client’s prerogative to sought his/her application directly with relevant DISCO under past Nepra net metering regime but after this selection Zorays Solar Pakistan shall facilitate with a line diagram and necessary certificate provision for Inverter’s compatibility for Wapda net metering. Carefully, we optimize your unit load with the estimated net metering credits, where units accumulated over an year / 1500 units = System Size in Kilo Watts. Remeber, Zorays Solar Pakistan is brining you net metering technology in Pakistan and on the client’s optional wish, we help them speedup the process at an addition 1.5 Rs per Watt mentioned in the total quote which includes Performa submission, presence at time of inspection, detailed followup of the application till final approval of the case. Reap net metering benefits with us! Our Lisence: B/3/1/Net Met/ZSPL/17/35 has been renewed to B/3/1/Net Met/Zorays/18 for solar net metering in Pakistan.

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