What is Solar Power Plant Net Metering?
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“Net metering” is the practice of running a meter for energy use in reverse when a user feeds energy into the system rather than drawing it out, and billing the user for the “net” amount of energy drawn. It’s used in home energy systems that are “on the grid,” which means that the home is still connected to the energy utility’s system and draws upon commercial energy production for convenience.

A net metering system feeds power from the home production system into the grid, which the utility can sell to other customers. During times when the home is producing energy (usually from a solar or wind power system), and more energy is being fed into the grid than taken from it, the utility’s accounting system “pays” the customer for this energy in the form of a credit that can be used to buy energy from the utility.

IESCO Net Metering Islamabad

S.R.O 812 ( 1 )/2015.— In exercise of the powers conferred by section 47 read with section 7 (I) of the Regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power Act, 1997 (XL of 1997), the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, is pleased to make the following Regulations to establish a framework for the regulation of Distributed Generation by using alternative and renewable energy and net metering.

During times when more energy is being drawn from the grid than added to it, the credit is reduced to pay for the energy consumed. At the end of the month, if more energy has been consumed than produced by the customer, the utility charges the customer for the difference. If more energy has been produced than consumed, the utility pays the customer for the difference using energy meter – usually at a much lower rate.

The Cost of Net Meter:

For Zorays Solar Clients we do not charge a single Rupee to get your existing meter changed with bi-directional reverse meter. However, if your want to buy one, we charge you Rs. 18000/- only as a promotional price towards WAPDA net metering initiative.

The great advantage of net metering is convenience. A home energy system with net metering does not have to produce 100% of the power that the home needs. Also, with net metering it’s unnecessary to have much of the auxiliary equipment that is used with an off-grid system. The homeowner does not need storage batteries, for example. The energy being used by appliances is drawn from the commercial grid just as if no home energy system existed.

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This is especially useful because a home energy system typically doesn’t produce its energy at convenient times. A solar system, for example, has maximum production capacity during the daylight hours, but most energy use happens at night. That’s when artificial lighting is needed. It’s also when people are usually at home. In the winter months, it’s the time of the greatest energy cost for heating the home. With an on-grid system using net metering, the system can “sell” energy to the utility during the times of high production and low use, for a credit that can be used to “buy” energy back from the utility during the times of low production and high use.

NEPRA Net Metering Rules

Net metering, despite the name, does not require any special equipment. Electric meters are generally configured to be able to run in either direction. To implement net metering, an electric utility would need only to make use of accounting procedures and appropriate policies. Zorays Solar Pakistan provides Net Metering Consultancy to avail DG License from NEPRA. The below mentioned points covers our services:

  1. Completion and scrutiny of all Nepra Schedule’s along with Diagrams.
  2. Approval of case from LESCO & IESCO.
  3. Inspection of site and satisfactory reports after inspection.
  4. Approval & execution of all reports related to Application.
  5. Follow-up and obtaining of DG License from NEPRA.

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