10 FAQs Solar Air Conditioner Top Solar Companies in Pakistan don't Answer
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10 FAQs on Solar Air Conditioner for Home Top Solar Companies in Pakistan don’t Answer

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Lithium Bromide absorption heat chiller

Q. Is there anything such as solar panel air conditioner or small solar air conditioner?

A. A true solar powered air conditioner is based on Lithium Bromide chamber working with the princples of heat exchange in effect. In such a scenario, the solar energy air conditioner is a simplistic absorption chiller (truly portable dc air conditioner does not exist) which looks similar to the following image and the only portable solar powered air conditioner.

Lithium Bromide absorption heat chiller

Scientists at Zorays Solar have researched an environmentally friendly cooling technology that does not harm the ozone layer. This thermal air conditioning is achieved by using solar energy and therefore reducing the use of greenhouse gases.

Q. What is the market offering in the name of solar air conditioner for home?

A. Quite frankly, solar powered room air conditioner which Pakistani Solar Companies (including Zorays Solar) are offering are nothing more than solar split system air conditioner converted on its own dedicated Solar Energy System harnessing solar power for air conditioner.

Looking for a hybrid air conditioner price is futile owning to poor after sales.

Q. Oh so can I just buy a solar powered split air conditioner and that is it?

A. Well, yes if you have got better retail rates at what we wholesell. Umm and a lot more like explanation of a VFD device. Get it? No? You will basically need:

  • solar inverter for air conditioner (to run a VFD device). Read all the myths about solar dc air conditioner and thank us later.
  • solar batteries (if you are getting GEL/AGM/OpZV batteries – in  name of dry batteries you are doomed).
  • solar panels. They all look the same from the naked eye. Here is a guide on how to select each solar panel for air conditioner.
  • solar cables.

Q. How many solar panels needed to run an air conditioner?

A. Going all out? The inverter should at least be overdesigned +60 per cent the rated power of the dc solar air conditioner to accomodate for the surge (for the beggining torque given to the dc compressor for air conditioner) and 40 per cent to expansion on top to accomodate for dust/raining or cloudy days.

Best part!

There is not much need to run air conditioning in cloudy oir rainy days.

Q. Why choose Zorays Solar for your solar inverter air conditioner?

A. It is a competitive market, and turning an air conditioner on solar power is no big deal. But selecting the right components optimized at the right price is mastery. We are the only solution providers who have patented suntracked solar power poles that let the client remain hassle free thinking about its performance.

We have in fact made it into a small solar air conditioner system which occupies least space on your roof top or any other facility. To discover a case study, experiments were run in June 2015 to find out that if such a solar air conditioner is ran all day long; the overall bill of a a 10-marla home is 1500 rupee only.

Q. What happens to the performance of my solar system in rainy days?



Zorays Solar Sun Tracked PoleLuckily, with our Sun tracked Solar Poles we enhance the performance of each panel and correspondingly the upfront cost of additional panels is reduced vs. the fixed mounted offered solution availaible in the market.

Q. Is it a 48v dc air conditioner?

A. As seen from the picture buying a 48v dc air conditioner is futile and adds to the cost since it is expensive. A usual inverter based AC suffices. Since same amount of panels to be installed either way; we recommend you to replace your conventional split AC with a 1 tonne inverter AC of your choice from the given brands.

Q. Why 1 ton ac prices in Pakistan are useful to consider?

A. The fixed speed compressor in a standard air conditioner runs at 100% capacity when it is started, but an inverter unit starts at a low level and then progressively enhances its capacity, depending on the requirement to heat up the room or cool it down. DC inverter air conditioners make use of a variable frequency drive to regulate the motor’s speed, thereby controlling the speed of compressor too. Frequency acts as the the input variable to control the compressor speed. The current ambient air temperature is sampled by using a microcontroller and the compressor’s speed is adjusted appropriately.

Effectively, we would want the AC to never trip off and always to stay slow and steady and keep trying to win the race. A 1.5 tonner AC is equally probable; but the supplied system is more effective for the above reason.

Q. What is the pay back time from solar system ac price?

A. It always melt down to monetary aspects and your budgetary requirements. We have focused to keep on consumer point average across all our customers and come up with a reasonable pricing plan. Please remember that the backup time could be reduced to achieve the same project within your financial constraints; however, the pay back could still increase. Above all the same inverter ac is reversible and could be utilized in winters when cooling is not required.

Are you searching for the best solar air conditioner in pakistan price? Look no more anywhere else: Changhong Ruba CSDH-18SA02G – Heat & Cool Inverter AC – 1.5 Ton – Silver





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