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Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project: Zorays Solar Pakistan ranked among Solar System Supply and Service Companies by On Farm Water Management Directorate Agriculture Punjab


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So, the temperature in Lahore is forecasted to hit 40°c within March this year. Historically the max in March has been around 32°c. Seems like we are well on course for another (consecutive) record breaking hot year. P.S. : Zorays Solar is currently offering FREE LEMONADE for all its existing and new clients.


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Solar Offer: Pakistan Resolution Day Validity Till: 23rd March 2017 Presentation of the Two Nation Theory by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan became the first igniting spark that Pakistan Resolution was laid following to which on 23rd March 1940. This was not only the building of a new nation but also proved a stepping stone towards the early peace, progress and prosperity of Muslims of the region. Today we need independence from hegemony of anti-climate policies like import of LNG and fight status quo (Oil Lobby) by promoting the use of Renewables. Let’s make a new Pakistan Resolution against Electric Load-shedding and hefty electricity bills! Avail 23 per cent flat discount by using Promocode: SIRSYEDAHMEDKHAN *The offer continues till 23 March 2017.


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