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Zorays Solar Pakistan is connecting Pakistani people to their energy environment. As the local specialist in energy management and automation, we provide connected technologies that will reshape industries, transform cities, and enrich lives of Pakistani People. We are net metering approved renewable energy company driven to create an affordable and sustainable energy future for residential, agricultural, utility, commercial & industrial entities in Pakistan. We help you install solar panels based power generator reducing electricity bills with affordable solar panels for homes and improving performance and productivity due to no power outages at offices. We bring you one of the most efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly solar technologies available today.

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Solar lowers operating costs, is quieter, requires less maintenance and is the environmentally conscious choice! Here is a list of most used solar tools, one of the frequently asked questions in training concerns the tools required to act as an installer. In addition to the basic toolkit (screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, blade, wrench, hammer, etc.), the photovoltaic installer will make use of all PPE’s and PPE’s, which consist of helmets, boots, gloves, goggles, seat belt, lanyard and other accessories. For the installation of the photovoltaic arrangement on the roofs, the main tools required are: a scaffold or ladder, drills and screwdrivers, as well as a bow or circular saw. Photovoltaic-specific tools are also used, such as cutting pliers, multimeter, megometer, MC4-type crimping pliers, MC4-connector clamping and opening wrenches, stripping pliers.

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  • Taaleem Foundation says:

    We had an amazing experience with Zorays. They installed a Sun-Tracked 52 kW setup at our University, and call me every now and then to ask if everything is going smoothly. 100% recommend!

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